Badenoch & Co was established at 26 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh in 2014 by Malcolm Offord, former Senior Partner of Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP.

Badenoch & Co is a boutique family office providing advice to and private equity investment in Scottish SMEs (small-to-medium sized enterprises employing up to 250 people).

SMEs are a critical but neglected part of our national economy. If the UK could match the SMEs per capita of Germany, we would eliminate our trade deficit and eliminate unemployment.

SMEs operate in local communities and are the last bastion of manufacturing and export in the UK. Investment in SMEs provides social purpose to investors and, crucially, can help to rebalance our national economy in two significant ways:

  1. As a country, we have a social requirement to start making things again. Not only will this restore community and national pride in our greatly diminished manufacturing sector, it will also reduce our economy's over-reliance on financial services, imported consumer products and property.
  2. By manufacturing in Scotland and getting our people back to work locally, 'Made in Scotland' will mitigate the UK's over-dependence upon London and the South East.

The Year 2014

The year 2014 has been a momentous year for Scotland comprising a unique series of historical, sporting and political events which have showcased the modern day Scotland in the best possible light to the rest of the watching world.

Historic commemorations included the 700 year anniversary of the Battle of Banockburn and the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of WW1 where so many Scots died in the defence of the United Kingdom.

In sport, Glasgow hosted the XX Commonwealth Games where not only the sun shone and Glasgow sparkled but the host nation won a record haul of 53 medals including 19 Golds thereby finishing 4th in the medal table. That was followed by the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles where Europe defeated the United States by a winning margin of 16.5 to 11.5 points. Both occasions were watched by record crowds and proved to the world that Scotland is well capable of hosting world class events.

But the biggest event of the year was surely the Independence Referendum of 18th September in which Scotland voted conclusively to remain within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, thus preserving the oldest and most successful of Union of four sovereign nations in the world. A record turn-out of 85% meant that 3.6m eligible citizens voted in the Referendum in a phenomenon which politicised the whole of Scotland and captivated the rest of the world.